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Take a moment to listen to our students perform.
Our recitals and performances remain fairly casual. Our folk, pop and rock performances are set in a coffee shop type atmosphere. A lot of my students also perform in actual coffee shops when they can.

The kids and adults enjoy it and I have actually had students who come to me afterwards and ask, "When can we do this again?" My students have plenty of opportunities to perform different places; church, nursing homes, other students homes--dubbed a Play in Party or a Musical Dessert. 

Above is a sample of a CD we recorded (mostly) at a coffee shop called The Round House. Celeste
One summer several students and I would frequently play at a coffee shop called the ROUNDTABLE. We enjoyed it so much and were so appreciative we decided to make a CD in honor of Paula Anderson, the propriater. 36 tracks were recorded and 16 students participated. 

The CD title was taken from the old shaker hymn called Simple Gifts and the title most profoundly expresses the simplicity inherent in music as well as the humble music student of all ages, levels and styles.

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