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To me, teaching music is extremely rewarding because each student is totally unique not only in their personality and age but most important in their learning style. Teaching privately, gives me the opportunity to  observe, isolate and analyze the students problems and provide the feedback necessary for surmounting the obstacle. It's also satisfying to help project the over all musical direction in which each student will travel.

As part of that unique journey, each student studies the fundamentals of their particular instrument and traditional and contemporary solos in yearly recitals and different local events, like playing in church. Playing in an ensemble is also a valuable learning opportunity. It is my job to give the student the tools and experiences that it takes to be a life long learner and musician.  

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I am a graduate of the Indiana University School of Music where I hold a degree in composition. I also hold a Masters in Music composition from Virginia Commonwealth.

I have performed in orchestras, big bands and a variety of smaller ensembles all of my musical life. My compositions have been performed in many different places including Rome, Italy where I also performed with the Rome Festival Orchestra. I have played in pit orchestras for musicals as well as several operas.

I have played guitar since I was 11 yrs old and also started playing in church shortly after that. I enjoy playing in folk groups and as a soloist for various different types of gigs. 

I am an elected member of Pi Kappa Lamda.and was awarded the Presidential Citation from the Virginia Govenor's School of the Performing Arts. 

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